Saturday, August 15, 2015

Rickey Henderson's Jersey Retirement Ceremony

Today I say a reluctant farewell to my 1989 Rickey Henderson Jersey shirt. It has served me well over twenty-seven seasons - three seasons more than Rickey's actual career.

The jersey has long since lost its original color and the threadbare spots in the back have become air conditioning vents, so I have had to finally admit that this jersey deserves to be respectfully laid to rest.

**Note to wife: THIS is when clothing should be retired, and the clothing and I will make the decision JOINTLY. It is a solemn conversation between a man and his elderly garment. Your premature participation is not required. If you feel like suggesting a man's loyal outfit needs to be retired or replaced and that man looks at you as if you are disloyal or insane, it's because you are. Love does not wane just because colors fade.

1989 Rickey Henderson #24 Jersey Shirt: rest in pieces. You will be remembered in my own personal clothing hall of fame.