Saturday, July 25, 2015

Why My Car Dealership Loves Me

Me: Hi!  I'm here for my oil change appointment. My tires don't need rotation; I just bought them last week.
Service Writer: We changed your oil . . .
Me: Good. It was getting an attitude.
Service Writer: Your tire tread measures like new . . .
Me: So they didn't wear out much this week?
Service Writer: Your cabin filter is excessively dirty - would you like to change it?
Me: Yeah, I swear a lot in traffic.
Service Writer: Your washer fluid was VERY low.
Me: It's been depressed lately.  Maybe it's because of my language.
Service Writer: Your battery tested well.
Me: I'm SO glad!  It studied VERY hard.  I'll take it out for ice cream as soon as we leave!