Monday, February 11, 2013

How did I get to be the Masshole in this argument?

Crisis at work today nearly ended badly when I stood on a chair and yelled, "I can't believe all of this pointless bickering! At a time like this when we all need level heads, we must pool our resources and focus on the goal or we will absolutely FAIL! This is no time to be petty and selfish - there's too much at stake."

With all eyes on me in the moment of silence, I told my coworkers, "Now - handle things like adults - despite your differences. I need to continue building alliances among the Quarians and the Krogans, so we can all of us together construct the Prothean megaweapon and destroy the Reapers before there's no one left in the galaxy to argue!"

I take it as a personal triumph that no one contradicted me or stopped me from going to my car.

On a related note, I finally started playing Mass Effect 3 this weekend.