Saturday, March 21, 2009

How Smart Should My Smartphone Be?

"(8:12 am) Testing TechNet's new Smart Facebook Mobile Updater!
Hey, Y'all!

Keep an eye out for some excellent strange status updates today - I'm trying out a gadget for TechNet that is supposed to update Facebook for me, based on what my brain activity is like!

I've got a tiny electrode glued to my skin right behind my ear, and it's connected to a bluetooth earpiece that I've paired to my phone (It's actually kind of cool, you can't even see the electrode once I'm wearing the earpiece - the challenge will be keeping it on at work, where it's not exactly standard equipment).  There's a piece of software installed on my phone that will (allegedly) tell everybody what my brain is doing.

If everything goes as planned, y'all should see some status updates like "Ian's hippocampus is being hammered by cortisol" while I'm fighting with folks at work, or "Ian's homeostasis has been restored" when I get back home to Casa de Reddoch.

Tell you all about it tonight!