Sunday, April 24, 2016

Photographs and Memories (apologies to Jim Croce)

Yesterday I had the great privilege of hanging out with my daughter as she had her Senior pictures taken.

(Included here: ZERO pictures of Daughter, because of Daughter preferences)

We met Amazing Photographer and Splendid Person Elizabeth Jane at a secret undisclosed location and had a superlative time taking nearly 200 photographs of my kid. I took no photos, in much the same way one does not sing along with Placido Domingo.

My (complex/funny/difficult/brilliant/frustrating/beautiful/arrogant/kind) daughter was uncharacteristically patient and game for the entire time. She had been a jerk about the concept of having pictures taken, about preparing for the shoot, about wardrobing and props, and then was a complete DELIGHT during the actual shoot.

I got to be Towel Dad. Daughter posed against surfaces that were dirty/bug-infested/spiderwebby/leafy and sat on seriously questionable perches, all of which I was able to make safely leanable and perchable with the timely application of Towel.

We had so much FUN.

My kid was her best self. I was goofy (so, normal). Amazing Photographer and Splendid Person Elizabeth Jane was quick and kind and creative, funny, and juuuuust concerned enough about Daughter's comfort level to get the shot AND keep everyone very happy.

I had a marvelous morning. I am a happy dad.

*** MORE ABOUT Amazing Photographer and Splendid Person Elizabeth Jane. I have told her more than once that she charges way too little, and it's true every time I say it.

From the time Wife called and booked our appointment, Amazing Photographer and Splendid Person Elizabeth Jane scouted locations that fit the personality and preferences of Daughter; took test pictures in these locations; communicated some different options with us about times of day and locations and where we could find parking; took a bucketload of pictures while keeping Daughter excited and pleased by a process Daughter never really wanted.


This kind, thoughtful lady can be found on the interwebs at the following Amazing Photographer and Splendid Person Elizabeth Jane site:

If you love someone too much to take crappy pictures (such as the ones I take), you can call this lady instead. She'll take pictures of all the humans you love . . .