Saturday, October 24, 2015

Addiction is NOT a Rapping Matter!

Health professionals say that recovery from an addiction can only begin when a person admits that they need help.

[deep breath].  My name is Ian, and I am addicted to

For the first twenty-plus years of my life, I was nothing BUT Musical Theater.  I lived and breathed it, was ALWAYS in rehearsal or performance.  Some of my peers are now award-winning performers on Broadway (now THAT’S a functioning addict).

And now here I am, with the soundtrack to Hamilton on infinite loop 
in my bed
in my car
in my home
in my head.

The rest of my family is fine – a little crazed, a little Hamilton-quote-happy, but SURVIVING.  My teen daughter is immersed in Hamilton (but she was just as immersed in Rent two months ago and believe me, Hamilton is a giant step up).

Me?  I need help.  I went looking, and found THIS:
Worse, I have found this musical has infected even the jaded New York Theatre Critics: 

 I would like to take a moment to honor members of this great nation who have already lost their lives to their fatal Hamilton addiction. . . and add my own personal plea for help.  I can only conquer this addiction by FACING IT.  Inside the theater.  If you can help, please send tickets.  And airfare.

The lost . . .

Appreciation and apologies to